October Mucho crazy offers 😨​ 😨​

October Mucho crazy offers 😨​ 😨

I have not one but two crazy offers for October 2019 @FitBodyBournemouth as per usual both are crazy and they are limited and only available for as long as the link works. I only have two of each though and they expire Sunday if not already purchased 😬

🛑​ ➡️​ One is for our personal training package which includes 72 one hour personal training sessions, full nutrition and accountability support over the course of 6 months, imagine the results you could achieve over that time 😱​ #GameChanger

​ 👋🏻​ This is the link for the PT package

👉🏻​ http://bit.ly/6MonthPTPackage

➡️​ You get 3 x per week 60 minute pre written training sessions that covers your mobility, strength, hypertrophy, metabolic and cardio requirements.

​ PURELY RESULTS DRIVEN……you can also pay monthly at £195 http://bit.ly/FitBodyPersonalTraining

⭐️⭐️​ And the other offer I have is full access to to Fit Body Bournemouth for 18 months at the crazy price of £720 (Works out at around £40 a month or £2-4 a session) ⭐️⭐️

👋🏻​ ​ This is the link for the 18 month membership

👉🏻​​ http://bit.ly/18MonthsFitBodyMembership

With both these offers I only have two of each and when they are gone they are gone, end of 💁🏻‍♂️

If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, let’s do it 😁

Check out our success stories here http://bit.ly/FitBodyTrueStory and have a look at our reviews on Google http://bit.ly/FitBodyBmouthGoogle and Facebook here http://bit.ly/FitBodyFacebookReviews

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