Insane Success story for 4 working Mums

😱 😱 Wowsers…..these 4 ladies pictured right here have been training @FitBodyBournemouth for around 18 months + #consistent #Purposeful (I say 4 as Sal is in two pictures)

And I just want to say a mahoosive high five to them 👋🏻 as combined they have lost 53+% Body fat……yep thats an average of 13.25% each 😳

All hard working busy women with kids that turn up and do what is required always with a smile and a ton of enthusiasm  #respect #loveit

👉🏻 Deadlift, Kettlebell swing, back squat, run, press ups, bench press, farmers walk, battleropes, box jumps, burpees, bench press, pull ups, handstands et al 🔥

 Stronger #womenthatlift

 Fitter 🏃🏻‍♀️

 Leaner 💪🏻

 More confident 🙂

 Healthier 🏋🏻‍♀️

And I am pretty certain they have all done a 10 mile tough mudder in the last 12 months

#Strength #Metabolic #Cardio #Nutrition #Mobility #FitBodyBournemouth

Just a note though, this is hard work, perseverance, focus, sweat and a few tears over a long period of time starting with the 6 week transformation ⚡️

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