Black Friday Craziness has come early 🙀 🔥​​⚡️ 

 Black Friday Craziness has come early 🙀 🔥​​⚡️ ​

 I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that this is the launch  🚀​and your chance to take advantage of these amazing offers.

​Basically like I always do there are only a limited few offers (2 of each offers) and once they have gone they have gone – also if you want to purchase now you can start the program in the New Year 2020 and hit the ground running  💪🏻​


If you take me up on one of my annual Paid In Full membership offers …


… you’ll instantly save up over 50% on a regular membership!!! 😱​

…….you can save over 75% off of a 2 year membership 

…you’ll save over 70% off a 12 week Personal training program  😱​ PLUS we give you 12 PT sessions totally FREE of charge

……….AND you can save 75% off a lifetime 5 year membership


Here’s how:

Click on the program you want and it’s yours to start when you are ready, I only have two of each and when they are gone they are gone and if you already have a program with us you can tag the new one onto the end of the old one #Noprobs



All you have to do is select which offer you want we will be in touch ASAP – you can also choose to defer your chosen program until January 2020 as I know how busy the party season can become 🙂 

Move fast as I only have a couple of each programs available and won’t be sure if I will do this again


See you soon,




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